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Lady Gaga invited to Peta dinner

Lady Gaga has been invited to have dinner with animal rights group Peta, to discuss her controversial meat dress.

Speaking at the group's 30th anniversary celebrations in Los Angeles, Peta president Ingrid Newkirk revealed she'd sent Gaga a letter.

"I've written to her privately and suggested that maybe we have a vegan dinner privately somewhere," she explained.

She added: "I would like to show her Paul McCartney's Glass Walls video because I think it would break her heart."

The Bad Romance singer shocked viewers by appearing at the 2010 MTV Music Awards in an outfit made up of more than 50 pounds of meat.

"She's young and she wanted to make herself stand out so she did something outlandish," Ingrid said.

"It is outlandish for an animal to lose its life so that she can make a silly dress for the evening, I think the response was very negative and I'm hopeful she'll understand and next time it'll be a lettuce dress," she insisted.


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