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Lady Gaga unveil's Artpop artwork

Lady Gaga has unveiled the artwork for her new album Artpop.

The cover features a sculpture of the singer by the well-known contemporary artist Jeff Koons, naked, holding her hair over her breasts and with her legs splayed, apparently giving birth to a shiny blue orb.

Lady Gaga tweeted: "One second I'm a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me!' #ApplauseJeffKoons"

The background is a collage of various artworks including Botticelli's famous 1486 painting The Birth of Venus, which depicts the naked goddess emerging from the ocean in a giant shell surrounded by angels.

The head of a marble renaissance sculpture can also be seen.

Lady Gaga's name is emblazened in giant pink capitals that appear folded within the collage, while the title Artpop is written in white across the blue globe.

Artpop is released on November 11.


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