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Ladyhawke: I get panic attacks

Ladyhawke has confessed she suffers from panic attacks, so has to pinch herself to calm down

The 32-year-old Paris Is Burning star - real name Pip Brown - loves touring and performing for her fans, but revealed she named her new album Anxiety because she felt it represents her.

Ladyhawke said: "It was sort of a bit of a dig at myself because I have pretty bad anxiety. It's unpredictable and sometimes I can be really anxious, then other times I can be completely fine."

The New Zealander revealed she has developed techniques to combat her anxiety.

She said: "I have a better outlook on things now. I need to step outside of my own freak-out moment, which I'm only just learning to do. I have to just realise that there's no real threat to me. I pinch the bit of skin between my thumb and my finger, because there's a pressure point there and it makes me calm down. I also carry around a Vicks inhaler, those little things that you stick up your nose when you've got a cold."

But she is looking forward to her next tour of the UK.

She said: "It's really exciting and I'm really, really looking forward to it. I haven't toured in the UK for two and a half years or something. I've been away for a while, so anywhere I've been so far I've been met with smiling faces. It's like they're genuinely happy to see that I'm still alive!"

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