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Lana Del Rey: I don’t sing aggressive lyrics anymore

The singer spoke of her more positive approach to music in the lead-up to the release of her new Lust For Life album.

Singer Lana Del Rey has told how she now refuses to sing some of her own darker lyrics that were inspired by “aggressive” relationships.

The 32-year-old said she felt “more like I’m myself” in recent years, following experiences that prompted tracks such as Ultraviolence (2014) which includes the words “he hit me and it felt like a kiss”.

She told US magazine Pitchfork: “I don’t like it. I don’t sing it.

“I sing Ultraviolence but I don’t sing that line anymore, having someone be aggressive in a relationship was the only relationship I knew.”

While she would not say whether the lyric was “100% true,” she added: “I do feel comfortable saying what I was used to was a difficult, tumultuous relationship, and it wasn’t because of me.”

The Born To Die star has previously been slammed for “glamorising” or “glorifying” domestic abuse and death in her haunting music, but she insisted that she had “no angle” in mind.

Responding to critics, she said: “It’s because there were things I was saying that either they just couldn’t connect to or were maybe worried that, if they were in the same situation, it would put them in a vulnerable place.”

Del Rey’s comments came in the lead-up to the release of her fifth album Lust For Life, which she said marked a “brighter” turn in her music style, though she confessed she did not know exactly what the record was about.

Celebrating the album’s upcoming release on Friday, the US singer this week delighted British fans by announcing a rare and last-minute performance in the UK.

She will perform in the capital’s O2 Academy Brixton on Monday.


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