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Lee Ryan uses FaceApp to post aged selfie on Instagram

The Blue singer used the photo manipulation app to post a realistic-looking picture in which he appeared to have grey hair and wrinkles.

(David Mirzoeff/PA Images)
(David Mirzoeff/PA Images)

Actor and Blue singer Lee Ryan took to Instagram to post an aged selfie with the help of photo manipulation application FaceApp.

Ryan looked decades older in the photo, in which he appeared to have grey hair and wrinkles, much to the surprise of his followers.

Posting the selfie to Instagram, Ryan said: “I mean, I’m happy with this.”

The photo received nearly 2,000 likes in the first two hours after it was posted.

FaceApp uses artificial intelligence to create realistic transformations of users’ faces using various filters and features.

The free app can appear to age you, as well as having options to change the colour of your hair, appear as a baby and swap genders.



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