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Leona: Film scarier than X Factor

Leona Lewis has admitted she was far more nervous auditioning for her first film role than she was performing live to millions on The X Factor.

The 29-year-old Bleeding Love singer - who performed in front of billions at the 2008 Beijing Olympics closing ceremony - has made her movie debut in musical Walking On Sunshine.

Leona said: "I just wanted to see if there was anything out there I could get involved in, and then this came along. I had to audition just the same as anyone else.

"I remember sweating, I was so nervous. I came out of the audition and my mum and dad were supposed to pick me up, but they weren't there. I started walking and tripped over in the street and the directors were behind me. It was so embarrassing. I was like, 'No, that's it, it's gone. They think I'm crazy!'"

"An audition is scarier because it's one-on-one. It was intense, so intense."

But the former X Factor winner - who recently severed ties with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Music - said she thrived on the adrenaline.

She said: "I like that feeling. It makes me feel like I'm alive, that nervousness. It's not a negative nervousness, it's a positive energy and I think it's good to change it up and get out of your comfort zone."

:: Walking On Sunshine is released in cinemas on Friday, June 27


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