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Li'l Lyricz: Germany calling for the Bangor hip hop dance crew out for world glory

By Amanda Ferguson

They are busting hip hop moves in a worldwide dance battle - and they're from Bangor!

Li'l Lyricz cross-community dance crew are representing Ireland at the IDO World HipHop, Electric Boogie and Breakdance Championships in Germany.

The talented troupe of five 12 and 13-years-old girls headed to Bochum last night for six days of fierce competition with the cream of dancing talent from across the globe.

Ahead of the event, twins Brooke and Bethany Caldwell, Shannon Storey, Sarah McBride and Lola Benson have been practising their socks off at La Chance de Danser academy on Prospect Road in the Co Down town.

Dance choreographer Kellie Storey told the Belfast Telegraph the girls – who are pupils at Bangor Academy, Regent House and St Columbanus' College – have been fundraising and practising hard since they qualified at an All-Ireland dance competition in July.

"They have been practising endlessly," Kellie said.

"They are buzzing. We hope to win, we will do our best. To qualify in the first instance is huge, so to represent the country is quite a big deal.

"It is going to be a busy week."

Li'l Lyricz, who all adore British dance crew Diversity, are yet to learn what music they will be performing to in solo, duo and group events this week but are ready for the challenges they face.

"We won't know our music until we get there," Kellie said. It's a battle to find the best crew. We are the only team from Northern Ireland and Ireland going, so we are representing both."

Bethany (12) has been dancing for three years and loves her all-consuming hobby.

"I have been with this crew for one year," she said.

"We have been practising every day.

"I really like being with my friends, it's a great family. I like dancing to anything with a beat.

"Germany is going to be so fun."

Fellow Li'l Lyricz member Sarah (13) is also looking forward to experiencing competition in Germany.

"I have been dancing for five years," she said.

"I always danced around the house and knew there was a dance school near the house, so joined.

"My favourite style is house, but I like all kinds of music.

"I enjoy being with my friends and going to competitions."


Hip hop, orginating in the US in the 1970s, covers a range of artistic forms from music, DJing and break dancing to beatboxing and graffiti art. In recent years London-based street dance troupe Diversity have been credited with a surge in interest among young people across the UK and Ireland in this style of performance. They are best known for winning Britain's Got Talent in 2009.

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