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Lily Allen: The way my dad spoke about women made me not want to be one

The singer said Keith Allen’s actions meant she did not bond with other women.

Lily Allen (Ian West/PA)
Lily Allen (Ian West/PA)

Lily Allen has said that her actor father Keith Allen spoke about women in a derogatory way when she was a child, making her want to avoid being a woman.

The singer said it was having her own daughters that made her feel differently.

She is mother to Marnie, six, and Ethel, seven, with ex-husband Sam Cooper.

Jodie Comer (Ian West/PA)

In an interview with Jodie Comer for Stylist magazine, Allen said: “When I was growing up I had a very fragmented relationship with my dad.

“The way he spoke about women with his friends was quite derogatory so I tried to avoid being a woman.

“I didn’t really bond with women and I felt jealous of women. Then, when I had my two girls I was like, ‘OK, I guess you’re going to have to start liking women now, Lily.’

Lily Allen on the cover of Stylist (Simon Emmett)

“But it’s been a complete blessing.”

Comer also revealed to Allen how much her life has changed since the success of TV series Killing Eve, saying: “A couple of weeks ago, I was going to New York and then when I got out of the car at the airport at four in the morning there was a bunch of strange men waiting for me to sign autographs.

“It really threw me because it was the first time I’d had anything like that.”

The full interview appears in Lily Allen takes over Stylist, out on June 12.



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