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Lily not impressed with ban threat

Lily Allen has revealed that MTV have threatened to ban her Our Time video unless she makes a cleaner version.

The singer recently unveiled the video - which shows her drinking and fighting with herself dressed as a hotdog - and has now told fans that MTV want a clean edit to show during the day.

The star tweeted the words "Age of beige" and shared a screenshot of an email she had received telling her about the ban. It's thought the email was from someone in her management team.

It said: "MTV want to ban the 'Our Time' video during the daytime, unless they get a clean edit that show you a) NOT DRINKING FROM A FLASK and b) NOT DISPLAYING ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR FROM DRINKING BY FIGHTING WITH THE HOT DOG.

"I told the label we are NOT making a clean version of the video. Bring on the controversy!"

Lily then tweeted herself: "I thought MTV just played Catfish and My Super Sweet 16."

The star also retweeted a message from a fan which joked: "They're right, hotdog attacks are a real problem nowadays. Don't promote it."


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