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Lloyd happy to live out of suitcase

Cher Lloyd says she's happy to live out of a suitcase.

The singer and former X Factor star, 20, says she is living out of 11 pieces of luggage while taking her pop career abroad.

"I don't have a home. I'm homeless," she told the Daily Mirror. "That's the way to do it when you're being asked to travel. It's pointless having a home."

She added: "I live out of 11 suitcases - I have to take everything with me. I have a storage container in the UK that I keep most of my worldly goods in.

"All the contents from my home got dropped off one day and locked up, and we haven't been back since."

But Cher, who is releasing new album Sorry I'm Late next month, added: "I'm so bored of room service, because I like cooking. It's a bit of a pain."

The former traveller says she takes hairdresser hubby Craig Monk, who she married in November, around with her.

"He travels with me everywhere. It wouldn't work if he didn't," she told the newspaper.

"He's there to deal with all the rubbish as well. I've got a very hectic lifestyle, so he's definitely not sunning it up."


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