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LMFAO star tells Harry: Call me

Chart stars LMFAO have issued an invite to Blondie's Debbie Harry to appear in their new music video.

The singers were delighted to hear the 66-year-old wanted to star in a dance video like their Party Rock Anthem hit.

And band member RedFoo told the Daily Star: "We have a couple of videos we're about to work on and film. One of them is Sexy And I Know It.

"How great would it be if Debbie appeared in that? I'd love to ask her. She'd look so cool.

"We'd love the whole of Blondie on set. It doesn't just have to be Debbie."

RedFoo's nephew and bandmate SkyBlu told the newspaper that the group loved playing Blondie hit Rapture during their DJ sets.

He added: "Debbie Harry was like the first rapper. We'd totally teach her how to do the shuffle."


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