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Looks still important - Nightingale

Veteran DJ Annie Nightingale has revealed the secret of her long career on air - looking the part for radio.

The 75-year-old broadcaster, who started on Radio 1 in 1970, told the Radio Times it was "important to look good".

She said: "You can't walk around as if you just got out of bed - it's a bit of an insult to people listening.

"As much as they say they won't hire people for their looks, it still goes on. Radio is a fantasy medium and people build up a mental picture of what you look like."

Nightingale said her initial application to join the station in the 1960s was turned down by sexist bosses.

She said: "The people who started Radio 1, some of them were ex-RAF. They probably hadn't experienced women doing equal jobs. They saw women as being their wife."

Nightingale, a former newspaper journalist and TV presenter, was the station's first female DJ and still hosts a weekly early morning slot between 1am and 4am.


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