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Lorde talks Taylor Swift friendship

Royals singer Lorde has told how she once pretended to be Taylor Swift's manager.

The chart star talked about the pair's friendship on The Tonight Show.

The pairing began with a gift, Lorde revealed.

"She sent me some flowers, which was so nice," the 18-year-old pop star told host Jimmy Fallon

"She just sent them to my house and said, like, 'Congratulations on everything.' I was like, 'God, I need to know more!'."

The pair then met up in New York for milkshake and headed out to a party.

"There was this guy, he talked to us for about 10 minutes. He got to the end of the conversation and said 'is this your manager?'

"Taylor didn't let a beat pass and said 'yes'... All of a sudden I was Taylor Swift's manager, this tiny gothy, hunched person."

But Lorde said that it wasn't long before her cover was blown.

"I performed that night, on that stage, about half an hour later!"


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