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Lynch 'moved' that Macca likes Glee

Jane Lynch reckons she was lost for words after Sir Paul McCartney contacted Glee producers to say he was a fan of the show.

"I am a big Beatles fan," she explained, after revealing a waxwork of her character Sue Sylvester at Hollywood's Madame Tussauds.

The actress admitted she's overjoyed that the music legend sent in a mixed tape of song ideas he'd love the show to use.

"He's one of those geniuses in this world that's alive today, that we can point to and say 'blessed by the muse', and for him to be a fan of this show is just so moving and blows my mind," she said.

Jane revealed the cast are currently hard at work recording Season 2 of the hit show.

"We're doing two episodes at once at the moment, we're doing both the Britney episode and our first episode back," she said.

"We've got some new characters and we're breaking them iin."

Jane was overwhelmed to see herself made out of wax, albeit in character. "I had no idea that this was even a possibility in my lifetime, so this has been a joy," she said.

"It's freaky man, you start to look really closely and go 'do I look like that?'. She's a handsome woman, it's really weird," she laughed.


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