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Machine Gun Kelly: It took 25 years to get on with my father

The US rapper has spoken out about a recent arrest.

Machine Gun Kelly (Ian West/PA)
Machine Gun Kelly (Ian West/PA)

Machine Gun Kelly has said it took 25 years to get along with his father.

The US rapper has spoken out about trouble with the police and his disinterest in education.

Kelly said his behaviour strained his relationship with his father, which he regrets now he has a child of his own.

The star said he would like to apologise for actions which created a 25-year rift between father and son.

Speaking to GQ magazine, he said: “I’d say sorry to my father. I have such a rule-abiding, amazing daughter and I was such a rule-breaking, shitty son.

“The legal fees, the tens of thousands of dollars from the times I got arrested, the finding out your son missed a whole semester of high school because he was waking up and pretending to go but never going.

“I don’t know how he did it, and I get why it took us 25 years to finally get along.”

Kelly said he was recently in trouble with the police one again, and was detained while in possession of a gun. The rapper said he made the most of his arrest.

He said: “I frequent police stations. There was one time I got pulled over – I don’t have a driver’s licence, but I was driving a friend’s car – and I had a gun.

“Obviously I told them there was a gun in the car. They put me and my friend, who was this girl I was speaking to at the time, in the cop car and we hooked up in the back.”

The full GQ HYPE interview is available online.



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