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Madden: Solo music is our focus

Benji Madden has revealed that The Madden Brothers is not a "side project".

The 35-year-old musician is focusing on the musically creative outfit, which consists of him and identical twin brother Joel, away from their group Good Charlotte.

"The Madden Brothers is definitely not a side project," he said. "We feel genuinely musically, as writers and performers, this is just where we're at now in our lives at 35. We definitely plan on doing more."

The duo's new album, Greetings From California, sees them embracing more folk and pop influences,.

"This is a natural evolution. We started Good Charlotte at 16, and while I have an affection for things I loved when I was 20, this is the time for us to do something else now," Benji said.

"Joel and I have evolved into a different place. We're still writing from a similar place, with more lessons learnt. It's satisfying to make this album as an artist, that we can die happy with."

The guitarist-singer said Good Charlotte is on an indefinite hiatus.

"Good Charlotte became more than a band and more than the songs, it became something that the fans owned. So in a way, Good Charlotte really belonged more to the end than it did to Joel and I," he explained.

"That's something we love and respect. Good Charlotte is very special to us. It's something we really cherish. If we do anything else with Good Charlotte, it's going to be just that - something special. It's a part of our childhood, who we are today, so I think we want to leave it in this special place."

:: The Madden Brothers' new album Greetings From California is out on September 15.


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