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Madonna speaks out for jailed punks

Madonna has expressed her support for the jailed members of a Russian punk band by donning a black ski mask and scrawling the group's name on her back.

In March, two weeks before Vladimir Putin won Russia's presidency for the third time, members of the female band Pussy Riot high-kicked and danced in Moscow's main cathedral, singing "Virgin Mary, drive Putin away!"

The three now face years in jail in a case that has outraged human rights groups.

Madonna voiced support for the group at a concert in Moscow, saying she'd "pray for them".

She then turned her bare back, which had the band's name written on it, to the audience and put on the mask. Pussy Riot band members make it a point to wear the masks, or balaclavas, which have become a symbol for the group.

She went on to sing her 1990s hit Human Nature.

The Into The Groove star said during her concert tour of Russia that she supports freedom of speech and hopes the judge will show leniency.

"I'm against censorship, so I hope that the judge is lenient with them and that they are freed soon," she said.


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