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Mariah slammed for Rockefeller show

Mariah Carey has come in for some harsh criticism after failing to hit the high notes when she performed at the annual Christmas tree lighting at the Rockefeller Centre in New York.

The pop diva had upset fans the night before when she reportedly delayed the pre-recording of her performance by around three hours - resulting in it being called off.

But Mariah said sorry and the next night was on course to make up for it by singing All I Want For Christmas Is You live at the actual ceremony.

However, according to reports things took a bad turn when it became clear that Mariah, 44, wasn't her usual songbird self.

Isolated unedited footage from the event apparently shows she was unable to hit some of the higher notes and at times seemed to be out of breath.

While some fans online suggested the star might have been feeling unwell or was just having an off-night, others took a harsher line, saying things like "RIP to Mariah Carey's voice" and suggesting her rendition of the track was "a solid drunk karaoke version".


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