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Mark Ronson: Life’s a bleach for DJ extraordinaire

His covers album Version sold millions of copies worldwide, won him awards and turned him into a household name.

But it seems super-producer Mark Ronson is now keen to distance himself from the record that made him a star.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph last night, Ronson said while he was grateful for the success of the ground-breaking record, there were songs on it that he didn’t like. And he revealed that with album number three — Record Collection — he is hoping to shake off his tabloid image as an ‘It’ boy of pop and let his music do the talking instead.

Ronson, who was at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast for MTV Presents..., said his new album was the best of his career.

“While I’m hugely grateful for the success of Version, it was a bit of an anomaly for a DJ like me to make a covers album,” he said.

“It wasn’t something I intended to do, but having worked on Back To Black (with Amy Winehouse) and with the likes of Daniel Merriweather on Version, I got a bit comfortable with that sound for four or five years. I needed a challenge and to move away from the ‘Mark Ronson Sound’.

“To be honest, there are songs on Version I never want to hear again in my life.”

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Ronson, who has worked with Winehouse, Lily Allen, Duran Duran and The Kaiser Chiefs, is now touring under the alias Mark Ronson And The Business International. He admitted he had toyed with the idea of omitting his name, but the record company objected.

“The Press was over-saturated with stories about me and I was trying to run away from the image,” he said. “I didn’t want to be known as that d***head going to trendy nightclubs in Soho and being pictured with a different girl on my arm.

“The new album feels a lot more alive than Version. Sometimes Version felt a bit clunky, a bit heavy. There is one track on Record Collection with Boy George and I reckon it’s the deepest thing I’ve ever done.”

Ronson’s new album is jam-packed with big names including Boy George, who was in Belfast with him last night, The View and Simon le Bon, plus co-writers from The Zutons and Scissor Sisters.

He admitted he had sleepless nights working on the album, which includes his own vocals for the first time.

“There were times when I was up all night wondering how I was going to be able to write 13 new songs that were going to be as good as Morrissey or Radiohead,” he said. “Then I reminded myself that I was working on a completely different album.”

Record Collection has a distinctly ‘80s feel to it and Ronson admitted he had been heavily influenced by Duran Duran and their electro-synth sound.

Sporting a new bleached blond quiff, which he said was a homage to 80s pop star Kirk Brandon, Ronson added: “For years I’ve been entrenched in 60s/70s funk and soul. With the new album, I’ve moved forward 10 years, but I’m still 30 years behind.”

MTV Presents...Mark Ronson And The Business International airs on MTV UK on September 24, at 9pm. His single The Bike Song is out now

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