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Maroon 5 wedding crashed for video

Maroon 5 have unveiled their latest video, which shows them gatecrashing a series of weddings in Los Angeles.

The band were filming the video to go with their track Sugar, which was directed by David Dobkin who made the 2005 Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn film Wedding Crashers, and brought back the theme for the band.

At the start of the video, singer Adam Levine announces: "December 6, 2014, we're going to drive across L.A. and hit every wedding we possibly can and it's going to be awesome."

The video then shows the band bringing in a white curtain to the reception of each of the lucky couples while they look on with confused expressions, before the curtain is pulled down to reveal the band behind it.

Brides, grooms, guests and even a wedding caterer are shown looking completely shocked at Maroon 5 turning up to their events.

Adam told E!: "Literally, there was only one person in the entire wedding that knew, because we needed a contact."

The song is the third to be released from the band's 2014 album V.


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