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Marriage proposal has X Factor

X Factor hopeful Samantha Hallam is the one saying "yes" as she gets a marriage proposal during her audition.

Instead of just the judges offering their verdicts, it becomes the turn of the 37-year-old from Hastings to give her approval during the ITV1 show.

Her boyfriend Paul Ricketts turns up on stage during a London audition to her surprise, after she performs King Of Leon chart-topper Sex On Fire.

As he walks out, the bewildered singer asks: "What are you doing here?"

He tells judges he wants to "borrow a short moment of their time" for his partner, before going down on one knee.

Paul then pops the question by asking: "Will you marry me?"

And a delighted Samantha - the recipient of the first X Factor marriage proposal - agrees, telling him: "Yes."

It is not the only emotional moment in the show, screened on ITV1 on Saturday night.

Judges are moved when talented hopeful Misha, 19, from Manchester, takes the stage and explains how she has been brought up by her aunt from the age of three months. Her mother was unable to look after her and she says she has no idea of her father's identity.

And her performance of Aretha Franklin's Respect impresses the panel. Judge Kelly Rowland tells her: "You should be proud of yourself."


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