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Martin John McCafferty: 'I get to travel the world with my three best mates singing songs-you can't beat that'

All the best: Martin John McCafferty

By Kerry McKittrick

The 35-year-old is a member of the Jack Pack, the swing vocal group that came fourth in the final of Britain's Got Talent 2014. Originally from Londonderry, he now lives in London

My best moment

This would have been a very different answer three years ago - now everything is about the Jack Pack. The best moment was supporting the Jacksons at Proms in the Park in 2015. It was in Hyde Park in London and we had 50,000 people singing along with us. My mum and my sister were there too. It was breathtaking.

My best song

There are two. From an old-school perspective it has to be The Curtain Falls by Bobby Darin. It's a beautiful song that isn't very well-known but I used to do it as part of my solo show years ago. It's about how long the ride of fame will last. For a modern song, it would be Kodaline's All I Want. A beautiful song and one I love to sing by myself with my guitar.

My best way to relax

A movie, some nuts and a good single malt whiskey. Movies are really my thing but on the road I only see them on planes and end up falling asleep. Being at home and being able to relax and watch a good movie is great.

My best job

I've done so many different things over the years - including advertising sales in the Belfast Telegraph. I have really fond memories of working in Camp America as a teenager. I went to Detroit and that trip marked the first time I was on a plane. But the best job of all time is the one I have now. I get to travel the world with my three best mates singing songs and you can't beat that.

My best bit of advice

Head up, shoulders back, go. My wife, Vicky, gave me that one - she's very good at advice.

My best gift

Vicky bought me an Aspinal black leather holdall and it comes everywhere with me. I travel a lot and I had an old one that was falling apart until this one fell in my lap. She gives good presents as well as good advice.

My best movie

Seven Pounds with Will Smith is an unreal movie that really got me from the word go. When I was in the States recently I saw Denzel Washington's new film, Senses, and that was a very deep, powerful film that I really enjoyed.

My best achievement

For a singer or musician it doesn't get much better than to have a top 10 album and we got to number eight with our album in 2015. We're about to start on album number two and I'm working on a few personal projects too.

My best buy

My Gibson Epiphone guitar that I bought about 10 years ago. It has been all over the place with me on gigs and it's still going strong. I'm going to retire it soon and hang it up on the wall because I've just bought a new Martin guitar.

My best book

The Godfather series by Mario Puzo. I read the second one while I was actually in Sicily for three weeks and I couldn't put it down. I've read all of them twice now.

I like to read but I'm really enjoying audiobooks at the moment too. I'm into a series of books called Arisen by Michael Stephen Fuchs at the moment.

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