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Martin performs at Unbroken party

Chris Martin joked that he doesn't mind if he nets an Oscar nod or not as he performed Coldplay's awards contender Miracles at a party in the US.

The original track plays over the closing credits of Angelina Jolie's war film Unbroken, and is tipped for a Best Original Song nomination at the 2015 Oscars.

Chris performed at a party in Hollywood to celebrate the drama, and teased the crowd, which was full of Academy members, about voting.

He said: "You're free to leave now ... put your vote in, whatever you want to do. Or don't. I don't give a f***. It's not going to affect my life one bit. But it would be lovely.

"I know that's not really what you're supposed to say!"

He went on: "As it happens, I play here every Sunday. I left a tip jar at the front - about five dollars is average, per song, so that would be great - so we can work on the next Unbroken, Unbroken 2: Rebroken and Reunbroken, which will be coming out in 2021. See ya there!"

Chris performed a three-song set, treating the audience to Miracles and Viva La Vida, before calling Unbroken actor Garrett Hedlund to the stage for a duet of White Christmas. Garrett previously co-starred in Country Strong with Chris' estranged wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Director Angelina wasn't at the event, as she is suffering from chicken pox.

Coldplay have previously contributed music to the soundtrack for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Their song, Atlas, received Golden Globe and Grammy nominations.

:: Unbroken, which is about Olympian and prisoner of war Louis Zamperini, will open in cinemas on December 26.


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