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Mayer: Perry duet is not a gimmick

John Mayer has denied reports that his new duet with Katy Perry is just a "gimmick".

The real-life couple collaborate on the song Who You Love, which features on his new album Paradise Valley.

"When you first read the reports about it, you'll think that it's a gimmick. I love a good challenge and that's certainly one," he told

"But the hope is you hear it once because of the curiosity and then you go, 'Wow, I really like that. I could find a place for hearing that a lot more'. The thing I love about my career the most is it's not an attempt to be a blockbuster."

John said the track is more of a "confessional" for himself, admitting that he doesn't enjoy being alone.

"I kicked around this song about, you love who you love," he said, adding: "It's also a confessional for myself. I tried to be alone and I can't."

Paradise Valley is out now, while Katy returns with new album Prism in October.


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