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MBE pride for musician Goldie

Musician Goldie has said that being awarded an MBE is the beginning, not the end of achievement for him.

" I turned 50 in September and I've always felt there's more work to do," he said.

Goldie, whose real name is Clifford Price and also goes by the professional name of The Alchemist, was honoured for his contribution to the music, TV and film industries and his work with a number of charities.

He said: "From where I've come from, I look back at everything, all these people that influenced my life as a kid growing up in a really bad environment, it just makes it all worthwhile in terms of the recognition.

"We have choices in life when we're young and I think a lot of things were stacked against me."

Goldie was raised in the care system and grew up around the West Midlands, spending a large part of his youth in the Heath Town neighbourhood of Wolverhampton.

During a BBC Radio 4 programme in 2014, he explained that as a young boy he always carried a suitcase around with him.

"I'd go to one children's home and they'd go 'Ok, you need to leave now'. So you'd always keep your life in a suitcase."

He made his name with his record Timeless, which is often described as one of most iconic British albums of the 90s. Hit track Inner City Life is regarded as a seminal dance song of that era.

Inspired initially by a DJ named Kemistry, he is often credited with having introduced new techniques into drum and bass music, and with popularising the genre.

"I've always been a big champion of saying what we do today creates tomorrow. When you're young, you don't realise all of this stuff, and from an early age I was very conscious of what was going on in my environment," he said.

"I ran to the arts, because the arts are the one thing that would never abandon me."

Music aside, he tried his hand at graffiti and went on to exhibit his art at a London gallery.

He has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including roles in James Bond's The World Is Not Enough, as well as having a recurring role in EastEnders as Angel Hudson.

He appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Mastermind, and in 2011 he was on screen in Goldie's Band: By Royal Appointment, which saw him meeting Prince Harry.


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