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McBusted pledge to play their hits

McBusted have reassured fans that they will play their classic hits as well as songs from their debut album when they tour the UK next year.

Fans cheered when Busted's Matt Willis asked if they would like to see the supergroup tour again, but the reaction was more muted when he suggested they play their new material.

Matt promised: "We're not going to be one of those bands that plays just their new album. You know, we want to play everything that everyone wants to hear.

"Plus we genuinely love playing those songs. So we're going to add in, like, four or five new ones maybe, at the most."

He said: "I've always been nervous when my favourite bands have put out new records - I've always been like, is it going to be anywhere near as good, are they going to live up to their previous albums.

"Until anyone hears anything it's an unknown quantity."

The McBusted boys were speaking at the launch of their 2015 tour.

The band, an amalgamation of Busted and McFly, will play 18 venues in March and April next year.

Matt said it was unlikely their former Busted bandmate Charlie Simpson would be making a guest appearance on the tour.

He said: "We are all friends with Charlie. We speak to him all the time, so who knows what could happen in the future but right now, no plans to collaborate."

McFly also disappointed some fans by saying they were not planning on producing any more material on their own at the moment.

Danny Jones said: "We 'Sky Plussed' McFly for the time being while we do McBusted."

But he joked that McFly were on his "planner" and might return in the future.

Harry Judd added: "McFly are still here, we're just doing this for the time being."

The band said the new album, their first as McBusted, would have a different sound to their previous work.

Tom Fletcher said: "It feels like a new band. It doesn't feel like Busted or McFly, it feels like something different.

"It feels like our first album which I think is something we didn't really expect it to feel like, but that's what's really exciting about it."

Tickets for the arena tour go on sale on November 7 and the album will be released on December 1.


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