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McBusted too scared to ask Beyonce

McBusted have revealed they had to cut the Beyonce line from their new single Air Guitar - because they were too scared to call and ask her permission.

The supergroup - an amalgamation of Busted and McFly - paid homage to the singer with a line from her hit Single Ladies while performing the track live during their tour this summer.

In the video Matt Willis sings, "Tried karaoke... But they told me I was only ok... I guess I never should have sang Beyonce, or MJ."

The original line had been, " I guess I never should have sang Beyonce - uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no", a line borrowed from her famous song.

Matt revealed to Digital Spy: "Basically we would have had to ask permission to use that line."

Tom Fletcher added: "And we were too scared to call Beyonce!"

Matt went on: "There are four writers on that track, which means we'd have had to get four permissions and it would have taken at least three to four weeks to get that done. All the different publishers and everything. So we would have had to hold the single release up by four weeks which didn't make sense, so we just decided to change it."


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