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McCartney didn't plan to trend set

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted he unintentionally kicked off a trend for homegrown recording with the release of his first solo album.

The 1970 record McCartney - which was completed at the London house the Beatles star shared with his late wife Linda - is being released again as a remastered disc with alternative song versions, live cuts and film clips.

"It's easier in retrospect to look back and say I was doing something that laid the ground rules for people to follow," Sir Paul said of the album.

"When you think about it, that's how an awful lot of records get made now - people are in their bedrooms or their garages - because the equipment's better. So I was actually starting a bit of a trend, without knowing it or really intending to."

The review copies of the original album featured a questionnaire where Sir Paul was quizzed about his music.

The Let It Be singer caused a storm after replying "no" to the question "Are you planning a new album or single with the Beatles?", as many took the response to signal the end of the band.

The star now says John Lennon informed his fellow Beatles in a private meeting a month earlier that he was leaving the group

"If I had been entirely honest, I just would have said that John has folded the group," he revealed. "But I'm not sure that would have gone down well, either."

And Sir Paul - who is approaching his 69th birthday this month - was tight-lipped about details of his impending wedding to girlfriend Nancy Shevell.

"We're just starting to make plans at the moment," he said.


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