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McFly's Tom injured in rugby scrum

McFly's Tom Fletcher has been left with a dislocated shoulder after being tackled by a 6ft 2in, 105kg rugby player.

The singer-songwriter is unable to play the guitar and is receiving physiotherapy after he and the band visited the Saracens' training ground this week for a friendly kick-about with the team.

Tom tweeted: "One of the rugby guys absolutely f****d my shoulder yesterday. Can't play guitar!

"Physio says: partial dislocation. Got some exercises to do over the next 48hrs although I'd say taking my T shirt off was enough exercise!"

McFly are currently busy writing for their new album, and preparing for their tour.

Tom, Harry, Dougie and Danny took time out to visit the Saracens' training ground earlier this week ahead of their performance at the Aviva Premiership Rugby clash between Saracens and Harlequins at Wembley on Saturday March 31.

Danny was tackled and lifted over the shoulder of one of the hefty players, while Tom took the brunt of his attack on the shoulder.

Tom had joked earlier: "I think we'll just send Harry out in front of us. Him and Danny will be our human shields."


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