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Mercury win will be boost for my self-esteem, says Sampha

The singer-songwriter won the award for his album Process.

Mercury Prize winner Sampha said the prestigious award would be a self-esteem boost after penning the emotional record that landed him the accolade.

The singer-songwriter, who won the award for his album Process, said the win helped him know he had done the right thing releasing a solo record after years of collaborating with artists including Drake and Frank Ocean.

He told a press conference: “It has taken me quite a while to feel I was emotionally stable enough to write my own record and people have been incredibly lovely and understanding, and it’s been amazing, it feels like quite a weight off my shoulders.”

On the album, in which he sings about the loss of his mother to cancer, he added: “It was quite an insular record, talking about my internal issues.

“For me, I feel like I poured my heart and soul into the record. I was very honest with how I produced it.”

He added: “As an artist, you can kind of struggle with your self esteem sometimes and you’re not quite sure if you’re going down the right road, so something like this does give you a boost.”

Asked how he might spend the £25,00 prize money, he said: “I kind of want a studio or put it way and save it up, saving is always good.”


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