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Metallica roar into Glastonbury

Glastonbury became "Glastallica" as Metallica headlined the Pyramid Stage.

The heavy metal act burst into classic hit Creeping Death after showing a short film poking fun at the controversy their slot has created.

The air was lit up with red and gold flashing lights as enthusiastic members of the huge crowd headbanged along.

After playing For Whom The Bell Tolls and Wherever I May Roam, frontman James Hetfield told the massive audience the band was "proud" to be able to "represent, shall we say, the heavier side of music".

He told the crowd: "Well Glastonbury, Metallica is grateful to be invited to such an event called Glastonbury.

"We're very proud to be here and to be representing, shall we say, the heavier side of music.

"Me and the boys would like to dedicate this new song to everyone here who's been waiting for someone like us and also to all the heavy metal British bands who have ever dreamed or are still dreaming of playing here."

He later dedicated Cyanide to all those who put their hands in the air if "music moves your soul" before moving into the slower-paced Unforgiven.

As anticipation built ahead of the Californian four-piece appearing on stage, a film mash-up showing the bandmates dressed in bear costumes shooting at fox hunters was shown on the large screens on either side.

Metallica's top billing was not welcomed by many who argued the group's inclusion is against the event's environmental ethos, as James supports bear hunting while there have been claims their heavy metal sound does not fit the "hippy" vibe of the festival.

A crowd of all ages was in attendance to watch them, with a huge cheer going up as the screens flashed up "Glastallica" in a heavy metal-style font as they came on to the stage.

The band later stopped playing at the end of The Memory Remains and listened as fans sang along.

The crowd also swayed and waved their arms aloft to Nothing Else Matters before erupting with cheers for one of their most famous hits Enter Sandman.

The band left the stage as the energetic set came to a close but they soon returned to the stage for an encore with Whiskey In The Jar.

Fans then surged forward as James introduced Seek And Destroy which he said would be their last song as dozens of giant black rubber balls were released into the crowd.

Many grabbed hold of them and rushed away - apparently wanting to keep them as souvenirs.


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