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Metallica's Ulrich: Bring on 50!

Metallica frontman Lars Ulrich has revealed that he is unfazed with the thought of turning 50.

The Danish drummer is three months shy of celebrating the milestone birthday on December 26, where he would join bandmates James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett.

"I wouldn't say it's meaningless, but it makes no real difference in my life. I don't look at age, I'm quite happy growing older with the experiences and everything else that comes along with it, I'm fine," he said.

"I'm a realist if anything. 50 doesn't scare me - bring it on!" he added.

Lars admitted he likes to tease James and Kirk about their age, saying: "It's fun to make fun of the other guys who are already 50. I only have three months left to do that. There's the over 50s club in Metallica, and the under 50s, but not for long."

Metallica star alongside Dane DeHaan in their own 3D concert film Metallica: Through The Never, which is directed by Nimrod Antal.

"I'm not an ambitious actor. I don't have an agent, I'm not looking for work but when I get a phone call and it looks interesting... I'm interested in the creative process and being around people in creative situations especially if I'm out of my comfort zone and I may be able to learn, or bring something back to Metallica," Lars explained.

The group like to self-fund their projects, having launched their independent record label, Blackened Recordings.

"Most things we do, we just do ourselves because then we have less people to answer to. People don't tell us we are out of line, either creatively or financially, so it leaves you to be more autonomous and have more control. That's how we generally roll," he said.

:: Metallica: Through The Never is in cinemas now.


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