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Michael Ball makes Aerosmith blunder on BBC Breakfast

He confused rock bands Rainbow and Aerosmith on the morning TV programme.

Michael Ball makes Aerosmith blunder on BBC Breakfast (Ian West/PA)
Michael Ball makes Aerosmith blunder on BBC Breakfast (Ian West/PA)

Michael Ball had viewers scratching their heads as he confused a song by rock group Rainbow for one by Aerosmith live on TV.

During an appearance on BBC Breakfast on Friday, the singer was asked if he had ever done any “heavy metal” singing.

He replied that he has “done some Aerosmith” before breaking into song, singing “Since you been gone, since you been gone.”

Aerosmith – not Rainbow (PA)

However, viewers were quick to point out that the song was actually by British rock supergroup Rainbow, with many sharing their amusement over the blunder.

One tweeted: “Michael Ball. Defending his metal Kudos. By singing *squints through glasses* Aerosmith classic ‘Since You’ve Been Gone.'”

One joked: “#DoYouRememberWhen Michael Ball claimed on live tv that he had sung heavy metal because he’d sung Since You’ve Been Gone by Aerosmith?”

Another quipped: “@BBCBreakfast Michael ball needs to sort his Aerosmith from his rainbow the clown.”

One tweeter who had seemingly missed the segment said they were initially worried, upon sweet tweets about it, that Ball had mistaken Aerosmith for Kelly Clarkson, who had a popular hit called Since U Been Gone.

“Could be slightly worse, when I read the headline I honestly thought he had got Aerosmith confused with Kelly Clarkson #michaelball #Aerosmith,” they wrote.

“God but BBC Breakfast presenters pretending they know anything about metal is bum clenchingly embarrassing,” one disgruntled viewer said.

“As is Michael Ball saying he’s sung Aerosmith, then launching into a non-Aerosmith song to demonstrate. Please. Leave metal alone, BBC.”

One fan said they still “think he’s a sweetheart”, despite the error.

As Aerosmith trended on Twitter following Ball’s mistake, one fan of the US group said they had initially been worried.

They wrote: “Michael Ball inadvertently giving me a small heart attack this morning by making Aerosmith trend… not like I’ve got flights and tickets booked for Vegas or anything!”

Ball has just released his new album, Coming Home To You.



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