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Midnight Beast: An accidental band

The Midnight Beast have confessed they never meant to become a real band.

Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne are friends, band mates and now TV stars, after their joke rap videos posted online eventually got the attention of E4 executives, who gave them their own show.

In 2009 the lads posted a spoof cover version of TiK ToK by American singer Kesha on the internet, and suddenly found themselves propelled into the spotlight as it racked up more than a million hits.

Ashley revealed: "It was never the plan to go viral. We did TiK ToK just for ourselves basically and we put it on Facebook for our friends and it just grew from there."

Stefan added: "It just really kind of kicked off which was amazing, but totally never intended."

While the production quality of their videos has been boosted by a television budget, they've stayed true to their roots.

Stefan revealed of the eponymous debut album they're releasing as a soundtrack to the show: "We recorded all the vocals under my old bed in my parent's house then recorded all the instruments at our studio at Putney."

And despite hitting the big time with their TV show, The Midnight Beast are adamant they won't sign up to a record label.

Dru explains: "We get to answer to ourselves. We don't have to follow a model and a mode. If we end up in the charts, we end up in the charts. We just let our loyal fan base take each song where it wants to go."

:: The Midnight Beast continues on E4 on Thursdays


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