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Mika will judge Italian X Factor

Mika will be mentoring singing hopefuls in his new role as a judge on the Italian X Factor.

The Grace Kelly singer has been signed up to the show's judging panel for the next series, according to Digital Spy.

He will be the first international star to be part of an Italian talent show when he joins their version of The X Factor later this month.

Mika, 29, has been on the programme before when he appeared as a guest judge for one episode.

The Lollipop singer also performed a duet with contestant Chiara in the final of last year's series.

Italy's X Factor started in 2008 and is broadcast on paid-for channel Sky Uno.

Mika has sold 8 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide, and is a gold or platinum selling artist in 32 countries.

His latest album, The Origin Of Love, was inspired by sister Paloma's accident when she fell off a fourth floor balcony and impaled herself on railings. She later made a "miraculous" recovery.

Mika said: "As soon as Paloma was stable, I ran away to make my record. Paloma was having a cheeky cigarette, lost her balance and wasn't strong enough to save herself. Her neighbour held on to the railings for an hour, to ensure they didn't fall into the basement. It was a total disaster, yet a weirdly positive event too."

The Italian show has attracted big name performers including Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Take That, Mariah Carey and One Direction.


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