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Miley: VMAs performance freed me

Miley Cyrus has said her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards this year is the biggest moment of her career, and she's not sure it will ever happen again.

The 21-year-old former child star told E! News that her raunchy twerk with Robin Thicke that shocked the world has opened a lot of doors for her, but she doesn't think she'll be invited back to perform at the ceremony.

Miley said: "Everyone else's biggest moment of me was the VMAs. That was probably my biggest moment, I was pretty stoked to perform there, excited, you know."

Asked if she'd do it again she quipped: "I doubt they're ever gonna ask me back... Just kidding... Who knows?"

The We Can't Stop singer explained she feels the only way is up after the reaction to her performance.

Miley revealed: "It kind of just opened so many doors for me to just be like, alright, I've already p***ed you off as much as I possibly can. So now I can kind of just be freer and kind of do whatever it is we want to do and also have a lot of fun."


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