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Minogue remembers young pop dreams

Kylie Minogue has told how teenage wannabe Rachael O'Connor - one of her hopefuls on The Voice - has reminded her of her own pop dreams as a youth.

The coach on the BBC One show said watching the contestant who has impressed panellists and viewers made her recall her own music obsession - and how she used to sing into a hairbrush.

Kylie, who joined the show for the third series, pointed out that she lacked the outlet to sing at her age, and was busy with her TV career.

In a backstage interview for The Voice which is not being screened, she said: " I can absolutely remember being 16 and my dream of singing, and going for singing lessons once a week to my teacher. He did all sorts of things to help me learn to sing and perform.

"But someone can drone on and on and on about that but really what you need is the experience and I didn't have it at 16 years old - I learnt it by going and doing it and sometimes it was an absolute disaster but then you learn real fast. So I think having this opportunity and standing on that stage is fantastic.

"I didn't have an opportunity like this at 16. You're like a sponge at that age, you're absorbing everything. I remember that feeling being on set (for her TV career) - so I imagine it's the same as being on the set of The Voice and the team that you meet who are all there to support you and bring the best out of you. So she must, when she's not terrified with nerves, she must be having the best time.

Kylie, whose new album Kiss Me Once is released on Monday, went on: "As a kid, I was obsessed with music, all kinds of music. And then as a teenager specifically pop music. And anyone who's old enough to remember, with your fingers paused over the play and record button on your cassette radio. Hours and hours and hours. I was obsessed, I'm still obsessed. Not much has changed."

And she added: "I did used to sing into my hairbrush, yep - and my sister."


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