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Morrissey tackled on stage by fan

Morrissey has been forced to cut a concert short after he was wrestled to the ground by a fan on stage in California.

The 54-year-old singer - who has battled health issues in the past and been forced to cancel or postpone live shows - was performing One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell during his encore at the City National Civic in San Jose when eager fans began storming the stage to hug him.

A video filmed on a mobile phone and posted online shows Morrissey appearing amused by the behaviour at first, as fans jumped on stage one by one and embraced him before being dragged off by security.

But then one audience member took it too far, dodging security and charging at the ex-Smiths singer, knocking him to the ground. The band immediately stopped playing and walked off stage, while the crowd expressed their disgust and anger at the fan responsible, who has been branded "selfish" by reviewers.

A witness, James Fleishman, told NBC Bay Area: "It just created a melee.

"He ended up hitting the floor and the lights came on within seconds. It was a very abrupt ending. I hope he's OK."

It is not known if Morrissey was injured.


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