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Mosaic marks Bowie's 65th birthday


A mosaic by Ed Chapman of David Bowie who is turning 65

A mosaic by Ed Chapman of David Bowie who is turning 65

A mosaic by Ed Chapman of David Bowie who is turning 65

Rock star David Bowie will officially become a pensioner on Sunday as he celebrates his 65th birthday, and one of the UK's leading mosaic artists has created an artwork to mark the singer's big milestone.

The Space Oddity star has been immortalised in a mosaic, made from hundreds of hand-cut pieces of stone tile, by Manchester artist Ed Chapman.

The artwork, called Pin Up, which is valued at £4,000 and measures 92cm x 62cm, took the 40-year-old several weeks to create at his Castlefield studio.

Mr Chapman has previously created tile mosaics of famous faces from the worlds of politics, music and sport, including an artwork made out of coins depicting Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The artist, who has used glass, chewing gum and sugar cubes in previous mosaics, said he chose Bowie as a subject due to the respect he has for him as a musician and an artist, as well as his "timeless" appeal.

He added: "I can't believe David Bowie is 65. He always seemed to me like he was from another planet."

Bowie fans enjoyed a treat before Christmas when the BBC screened footage of the singer, which was thought to have been lost, for the first time in 40 years on a Top of the Pops special.

The archive film of the singer performing number two hit The Jean Genie in January 1973 came to light after it was feared to have been wiped along with appearances by hundreds of other artists on the show.


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