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Mumford And Sons in strip club row?

Mumford And Sons were reportedly booted out of a strip club in Atlanta.

But the clean-cut British folk band did not get in trouble for the rock and roll-type antics people might expect of music stars - they got over-excited about singing karaoke, according to gossip website TMZ.

Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwayne, 'Country' Winston Marshall and Ben Lovett were in Atlanta's oldest strip club, Clermont Lounge, while on tour in the US, where they allegedly filmed drummer Ben on their mobile phones while he performed karaoke.

The club has a strict no-filming policy and the DJ reportedly had to lower the music several times to ask the boys to put their phones away, but they refused to stop.

A short, shaky, expletive-ridden video posted online shows the band being ushered towards the door as someone shouted: "Everybody out! Go, go, go!"


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