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Mumford are sick of posh label

Mumford And Sons are fed up with being branded posh, and reckon only America accepts them for who they are.

The public school band told Q magazine they don't suffer the same abuse over their privileged roots in the US as they do in the UK.

Banjo player Winston Marshall said: "Class is a big issue here. And some people get picked on more than others. I think we probably do. I mean, it doesn't help that we wear waistcoats and tweed the whole time.

"But there is a reverse snobbishness in England towards that sort of stuff. And I think that's one of the reasons we really enjoy America, 'cos we're classless."

Ben Lovett appealed for the UK public to give the band a break, saying: "I think it's unfair to hammer anyone for anything. People should celebrate or ignore, that would be nice. On top of that, I just don't consider myself a posh person."

Bassist Ted Dwane added: "We're not the first band who went to public school."

Mumford And Sons have been heavily promoted by Eton-educated David Cameron in the past, who recommended them to US President Barack Obama for a White House performance and joked he should get a cut of their future earnings for bumping up their international profile.

Posh isn't the only label the band hate - frontman Marcus Mumford, whose parents are prominent Christian leaders and who met actress wife Carey Mulligan at a Christian youth camp, doesn't like being pigeon-holed as religious, either.

He said: "Yeah, it p***** me off. Just being thought of as a Christian is annoying. Not that there's anything wrong with it. It's just being told you're anything when you're not."


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