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Murs: I feel like Kylie on duet

Olly Murs has revealed that he pretended to be Kylie Minogue when he sang with Robbie Williams.

The Army Of Two singer admitted he felt like the Australian songstress when he performed their hit duet Kids on Robbie's Take The Crown tour, even though he took Robbie's part.

"It's great to be Kylie for a day. Robbie actually asked me what song I wanted to do with him live. I mean - he asked me," he told the Daily Star.

"I didn't want to pick a song that he might do near the end of the set because that's Robbie's moment, so I asked about Candy but in the end we decided Kids was best."

The former X Factor finalist added: "Obviously I can't sing as high as Kylie so he took her part and I play his parts. Robbie told me it's one of his favourite moments."

The two have become good mates since singing Angels together on The X Factor four years ago, and Olly said: "I think me and Robbie work amazingly well. Going on stage with him is a massive thrill.

"We are both old school entertainers and we wish each other well before shows. I think he put me on the tour because we have similar fan bases. And I can bring younger women to his shows."

The 29-year-old hinted that they could even head to the studio together.

He teased: "There is something in the pipeline but it's up to him to reveal it. We've delved into something so we'll see towards the end of the year."


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