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Murs: James Arthur will bounce back

James Arthur will "bounce back" after cancelling engagements citing exhaustion, fellow former X Factor singer Olly Murs has said.

James' decision to take a break came after the pop star became involved in a homophobia row and several comments landed him in trouble.

Olly said of last year's X Factor winner: "I don't know the full story but we've all had different experiences of being in the music industry.

"People react to the pressures and stresses differently. I think to be fair to James, he's said sorry. Hopefully he'll have time off and bounce back.

"At the end of the day I hope it works out for him. I got to know James really well."

He said he was surprised Tamera Foster forgot her words again on this weekend's ITV show - and said it had never happened to him.

Olly, who featured on this weekend's X Factor birthday show, said: "I think she lacks self belief. She needs to have some time away from the show. She needs a little bit of love and confidence in her life.

"When you're confident it happens... it's not hard to do one song. I have to remember dozens of songs for tours."

He said he would be over-the-moon and it would be "an absolute compliment" to be asked to become a judge on The X Factor.

But he said he was not sure whether the job would fit in with his or the show's schedule.

"My career is going so well. I don't want to jeopardise that. I don't want to be a TV star. I'm a singer," he said.

Olly said of the prospect of getting invited to Simon Cowell's wedding: "If he invites me of course I'd go. I hope he pays for the ticket!

"I always hate people that have their weddings abroad - you've got to stump up cash for the ticket!"

Olly, who is singing Dear Darlin' at the Royal Variety Performance, said he won't be working with Robbie Williams again for a while - despite their success singing and touring together.

"We don't want people getting annoyed with us working together all the time. We'll probably take a break but still be friends," he said.


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