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Music fans pitch up early for Glastonbury festival

By Emma Clark

While the live music does not start until tomorrow, the festival spirit was in full flow at Glastonbury from early yesterday.

Thousands of fans immediately pitched up and are being entertained by live music, DJs and films in smaller venues.

Headliners include rapper Kanye West and Florence and the Machine, who are replacing Foo Fighters.

Glastonbury organisers have urged ticket-holders to "take care" over their alcohol consumption, while it has strongly campaigned against legal highs and warned campers that nitrous oxide or laughing gas is banned.

Chief inspector Mark Jackson, part of the police operation at the festival, said: "There is a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs. In terms of the other substances, that's something that the Glastonbury Festival has a view on.

"There may be a misapprehension that police at Glastonbury are soft on drugs, but that isn't the case. We will deal with what we come across."

He added that Glastonbury was one of the safest festivals in the world.

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