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Myleene Klass becomes Freddie Mercury for charity campaign

Myleene spent three hours being turned into Freddie Mercury.

Myleene Klass was transformed into rock icon Freddie Mercury to encourage people to dress up as their favourite “loud icons” to raise money for charity.

The presenter, 39, spent three hours in the make-up chair being turned into the late Queen star in aid of a campaign for Global’s Make Some Noise, which raises awareness of charities that struggle to get heard.

Klass had Mercury’s trademark aviator sunglasses painted over her eyes, complete with the reflection of a keyboard in the lenses.

Myleene Klass during her transformation

She said: “For me, Freddie Mercury featured all the components of a true icon – unrivalled talent, rule-breaker and musical genius.

“His music has been replicated across so many other genres and will live on forever. It just shows just what an incredible writer and master performer he really was.”

Several other broadcasting stars from Capital, Classic FM, Radio X and Smooth were also transformed into their musical icons by make-up illusionist Maria Malone-Guerbaa.

Roman Kemp became Eminem, complete with the hip-hop star’s peroxide blond crop, and Johnny Vaughan was given a pout and smoky eye make-up to become his “first crush” Debbie Harry.

Roman Kemp as Eminem
Johnny Vaughan as Debbie Harry

Kate Garraway channelled David Bowie on his Aladdin Sane album cover, complete with the iconic lightning bolt.

Garraway, 50, said it was fun to “try something completely out of character”.

“I’ve been a lifelong fan of David Bowie,” she said. “He was influential worldwide, not just through his music but also visually and artistically, with such a dramatic and iconic style.”

Kate Garraway as David Bowie

Global’s Make Some Noise gives a voice to small projects that are working to help youngsters who are living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity, but are struggling to be heard.

This year it is asking people in the UK to “dress loud” on October 6 to raise money for the initiative.

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