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Nadine Coyle 'dreading reunion' with Girls Aloud

After a blissful few months hanging out in LA, Nadine Coyle is heading back to the UK this week for the biggest gig of Girls Aloud’s career.

But friends say the Derry singer is feeling increasingly isolated from her bandmates and could be reconsidering her future in the girl group.

Nadine, 24, is set to take to the stage at London’s Wembley Arena with Girls Aloud to support Coldplay and rap superstar Jay-Z in the most hotly anticipated gig of the year.

But while she’s thrilled to be back performing, friends say relations between Nadine and her bandmates Cheryl Cole, 26, Kimberley Walsh, 27, Sarah Harding, 27, and Nicola Roberts, 23, seem “strained”.

“I think the main problem is that Nadine lives in LA and the rest of the girls all live in the UK,” explains our source.

“The girls are all really busy but they meet up in London when they can and chat on the phone all the time.

“Unfortunately because Nadine isn’t around she must feel like she’s being left out. It’s not intentional but I think Nadine must be feeling a bit frozen out.

“They all used to be such good mates when the band first started but now they have their own personal commitments.

“I don’t think there has been much contact between Nadine and the others since they went their separate ways at the start of the summer so I wouldn’t be surprised if things feel a bit awkward and strained when they meet up.

“I think Nadine must be really dreading going back this week and I guess she must feel like quitting sometimes.”

Nadine has been working on her solo career for the past few months during Girls Aloud’s year-long break and has been in the studio writing and recording new tracks for an album that she plans to release early next year.

But she is still committed to recording another three albums with Girls Aloud.

“I think it’s difficult for Nadine — she must feel very torn,” adds the source.

“She’s trying to juggle two lives — one in LA with her family and boyfriend Jason and one in London with Girls Aloud.

“I’ve heard she’s been thinking very seriously about her future. I’m sure she’s hoping that once she’s back in London she will be fine and the gig will give her a chance to bond with the girls again.”

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