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Nadine Coyle: First they say I'm too skinny, then poke fun at my double chin

By Aoife Anderson

Nadine Coyle claims she doesn't feel any pressure to achieve the same level of success as with Girls Aloud -- and says fears about her weight are wide of the mark.

The Derry diva said she is not afraid of failure despite speculation that her debut single, Insatiable, has flopped both here and in the UK.

"Not at all. I wanted to be a singer always, from when I was no age. I also wanted to be a baker, I also wanted to be a teacher and I also wanted to look like Gisele but sometimes you have to be realistic with yourself, try your best and do what you can do.

"I've been able to be so creative with this whole thing. This is a whole new avenue and people have been really supportive.

"It's an album I am really passionate about," she added, saying she plans to build her solo career slowly. "You have to plant the seed and let it grow."

The singer insisted she has only just begun her assault on the charts and plans to launch a major campaign with Tesco to push her new album.

"Realistically, now that it's a business and I'm heading up the label, you have to watch costs and stuff in marketing and manufacturing. You don't want to over-mix something when you don't sell hard copies of CDs.

"Singles aren't really making money anymore so it's kind of better to concentrate your efforts on being able to have a big show and get stuff together and spend things wisely and have things that can last and withstand and be around."

The tiny 25-year-old admitted she finds the relentless speculation about her skinny frame more annoying than that about the future of Girls Aloud.

"I definitely ignore and avoid all of that; being in America I don't see it over there so it is ignorant bliss.

"The 'skinny' thing is just you can get a picture that makes you look fat or thin. I have had pictures taken on the same night and in one I got called shockingly skinny and in the other one it was a picture of me laughing and it got people talking about me having a double chin -- so from that I was like we all know you can get great picture or a not-so-great picture."

Nadine, who is based in LA now with her parents and siblings, said she is thrilled to be back in Ireland.

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