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Nadine Coyle hints Girls Aloud may reunite

By Brendan McDaid

Londonderry songbird Nadine Coyle could be among acts lined up to open the London Olympics in spectacular style if a Girls Aloud reunion comes off.

The chart-topping star fuelled speculation the girl band could be about to reunite when she told US blogger Perez Hilton “everything is possible”.

In an interview with the celebrity critic, the 26-year-old, who has lived in the US full-time since Girls Aloud went on hiatus in 2009, revealed that she is now back in touch with all four of her former bandmates.

Speaking about a possible reunion with Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, she added: “I have heard all these rumours, that we’re opening the Olympics, that we are doing a stadium tour. Everything is possible, it’s all possible, it’s all there for the taking.

“If everybody comes together and everybody wants to do it, I am there.”

Confirming she is now in touch with the other four girls after years of rumoured estrangement following her move to Los Angeles with her family, she told Hilton: “Yeah, we talk, yeah we do; anytime we see each other.

“I mean, everybody's all over the place, and we spent so much time together for all those years. But now everybody's just like ‘oh, you know when we catch up, there'll always be a lot to talk about’.”

Nadine told Hilton she is currently remixing tracks from her debut solo album Insatiable — which failed to match the success she enjoyed with Girls Aloud — for release in America.

The pop star has now spent the summer in New York while recording with a new team of producers, and seems in no hurry to exit the Big Apple.

She revealed that she had initially arrived at the plush Hamptons area with friends for just a weekend, and is still there several months later.

She described the Hamptons as “very posh”.

“It's a very, very white crowd, which is kind of freaking me out. I'm like, it's so pale here, where is everybody?”

“I'm spending the whole summer in New York. I came for three days and ended up staying for a month and then I'm like I may as well just stay here all summer, it's just been so, so good.

“The weather's amazing; I got an apartment here, so it's all very New York,” she added.

“There's a lot of great producers here. Someone told me before all the producers were in LA so I'd done a lot of work out there. But now there's a lot of producers here too, so I’ve done a lot of like 5am studio nights, which is ridiculous, but I'm getting a lot of stuff done.”

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Nadine Coyle enjoyed major chart success in her years with Girls Aloud. The group won a Brit award, achieved 20 consecutive Top 10 singles — including four number ones and two number one albums in the UK. All their albums went platinum, with two — The Sound Of Girls Aloud, and Out Of Control — selling over a million copies. The singer moved to LA after Girls Aloud took a break in 2009.

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