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Nadine Coyle vs Cheryl Cole: The one-sided chart battle

By Amanda Poole

Nadine Coyle’s chart battle with Cheryl Cole has been a distinctly one-sided affair so far.

As the ‘nation’s sweetheart’ leapt to number one yesterday with her second solo single Promise This, our homegrown talent is quickly falling into the shadow cast by her super successful Girls Aloud band-mate.

The Official Charts Company said Cole’s single sold 157,000 copies, giving her the highest first week sales of 2010 for a non-charity single.

Despite Derry girl Nadine clearly having a better singing voice than Cheryl, she has failed to gain the same precious airplay that Ms Cole has enjoyed.

Nadine is recognised as the lead vocalist in Girls Aloud and the group has achieved phenomenal international sales, but flying solo the same level of success is not looking likely as Nadine has failed to make it on the crucially important Radio One playlist with her debut solo single Insatiable.

She is also insisting on only singing live when promoting the single, something sure to rub Cheryl up the wrong way after the criticism she received for lip-syncing her way through last week’s comeback performance on the X Factor following her reported life-threatening battle with malaria.

Industry insiders said Nadine’s reported refusal to appear on X Factor and the rumoured tension between her and Cheryl could be a contributing factor to Coyle’s success or lack thereof in the UK.

Nadine’s single is available for download now and has received favourable reviews, but only managed to get a fraction of the airplay her chart rival had during October.

Also, as Nadine is has been based in America for a number of years and has an infrequent presence in the UK and Ireland, she has found it tough to compete with Cheryl who is never far from our screens and one of the most talked about women in entertainment.

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