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N-Dubz back Wagner to win X Factor

N-Dubz have revealed they are backing Wagner to win The X Factor as they don't want to support any of the good contestants.

Asked if he had a favourite in this year's X Factor, Dappy said: "Wagner! If we choose one of the good contestants then it's going to be too cliche and too boring, so we might as well choose someone that's different so - Wagner! Even with his crazy accent."

Fazer added: "He's just having a good time."

But Tulisa revealed she is backing Irish contestant Mary Byrne too, adding: "My mum's called Ann Mary Byrne so I like her."

Tulisa revealed when she wasn't watching X Factor, her other guilty viewing pleasure was Katie Price's reality TV show What Katie Did Next.

She said: "I love it! I think she's great for what she's done and what she's achieved. It's probably not what you'd think I would love, but I love that programme."


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